Welcome to Southern Paws, a legislative blog covering Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

The site has 4 sections, the main one (POSTS) addresses legislative issues for your area. The Posts are loosely categorized by topic, see the menus on the right. You can also search the site by state, community or subject.

We feature postings for RPOA, SAOVA and Frank Losey’s Call to Action. These pages will normally have their latest bulletins, plus build a running history for your reference.

The main section, our local blogs, depend you to let us know what is going on in your area. If you do not see information about your area, Please email any info, including any links, pertaining to laws in your state or community.  Please try and get this information to us as quickly as possible so that other members in your area can make arrangements to attend these meetings and hopefully halt any proposed legislation that will affect our hobby.  If there is contact information, please include it for those that may not be able to attend, can either write/e-mail or phone.

We have tried to make using the blog as easy as possible for you to navigate.  One the right hand side you will see various options to choose those things that are important to you as well as things that are important in our region.  Also under legislation we have put it in by state for easy reference.

This blog is only for the specific states as stated above, if you wish to keep apprised of nation wide issues you can join my Yahoo group, Cat-Law.  I will be consolidating my lists in the very near future, so if you are not currently on cat-law you will only receive info through this blog.


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