Colorado move to ban declawing gaining momentum

September 28, 2013

CO: Move to ban declawing gaining momentum

Vincent Gerbino Brighton Animal Welfare Examiner

A movement to ban the de-clawing of cats in the state of Colorado is gaining
momentum after a discussion last night at Denver’s SEI Film Center. The
discussion involved veterinary authorities from throughout the state, as
well as guest host Dr. Jennifer Conrad, founder of the cat advocacy group
Paw Project. Conrad was also hosting the presentation of the Paw Project
movie, a one-hour documentary that seeks to substantiate why de-clawing is a
poor veterinary practice that should be stopped. The movie was shown at the
SEI Film Center immediately before the de-clawing discussion took place
before the crown in the sold-out theater near Downtown Denver. Two animal
rights attorneys, Gabriela Sandoval and former Chief Deputy District
Attorney of Denver Diane Balkin were present and are currently working to
support the ban..

…”Colorado Veterinary Medical Association is seriously considering this
situation and appreciates being part of this dialogue. I do want it to be
understood that there are lots of vets who only do a few de-clawings a year,
and many of these vets only do so after much counseling with the pet owner
and after seeking alternatives {that end up not working]. In these cases,
the vets actually lose money on the declawing given all the time put in with
counseling,” Hellyer explained.
Conrad thanked Hellyer for his input and acknowledged his perspective.
“I understand [this perspective] and certainly, we don’t want to paint all
vets with the same brush. I’ve worked with so many veterinarians and so many
of them care so much about their patients,” Conrad said.
The California Veterinary Medical Association, by contrast, has continued to
be staunch supporters of de-clawing, and has fiercely opposed the Paw
Project’s efforts in that state…