TEXAS, MURCHISON, Black Beauty Ranch longing for day it is no longer needed

November 28, 2013


by Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News

MURCHISON, Texas — It is billed as “America’s largest and most diverse animal sanctuary,” but its current director would be happy if the services of Black Beauty Ranch were no longer needed and the sanctuary could close for good.

“The mission of any good sanctuary is to hopefully come to that day when it is no longer needed,” said Black Beauty Ranch director Ben Callison.

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, named for the animal rights activist and author who founded the sanctuary in 1979, is home to 43 different species on 1,300 acres in Murchison, TX near Athens and Tyler.

The animals, rescued from medical research, captive hunting farms, and neglect and abuse, range from 23 primates including gibbons and chimpanzees to acres of free-roaming horses, exotic antelope and deer, ostriches, bison ,horses and donkeys….

NEW MEXICO, Las Cruces saving borderland dogs

November 26, 2013



By: Genevieve Curtis LAS CRUCES, N.M. —

Borderland dogs are bound for new homes hundreds of miles from their current residence at the Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley. The shelter takes its dogs on the road to find them homes and to save the lives of other pets. This year, around 1,700 dogs and puppies will leave the shelter and find their permanent home in cities like Phoenix, Denver and San Diego. “They take our animals and they find homes for them,” said Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, the veterinarian at the shelter. That’s because those cities are so far advanced with spaying, neutering and responsible pet ownership that they have a shortage of animals for adoption. “There and there is just not enough homes for these animals and there are other communities that have been very responsible and have been doing a lot of very progressive programs for many, many, years and they need animals. They need puppies, they need animals,” said Vesco-Mock……

TEXAS, Dallas, Southwest Airlines raises pet fee when you fly with your pet

Southwest boosting fee for pets that fly


November 26, 2013 11:07 AM


November 37, 2013

DALLAS (AP) — It’ll soon cost more to bring your pet with you when you fly on Southwest Airlines.

The airline is citing higher costs in raising its pet fee to $95 per flight from $75 beginning with flights on Jan. 15.

Southwest Airlines Co. lets passengers bring a vaccinated dog or cat that fits in a carrier that goes under an airline seat. Pets are taken on a first-come basis, up to six per flight.

Southwest, which began carrying pets in 2009, charges less for the service than many other U.S. carriers. United, Delta, American and US Airways all charge $125 each way, while JetBlue and Alaska charge $100.

TEXAS, West Dallas Puppy rescued after days in storm pipe

November 26, 2013

By Stefanie Tuder

Cute alert! Texas authorities scrambled on Monday when they realized a tiny puppy was stuck in an underground drain pipe.

A West Dallas resident first heard a dog in the storm drain on Nov. 16, and she began leaving food for the puppy. When Dallas Animal Services heard the dog’s plight on Nov. 22, they went to try and rescue the pup.

“We went out that evening and were unable to locate the dog in the drain,” Dr. Cate McManus, veterinarian and operations manager at Dallas Animal Services, said. “Then yesterday morning we got an email saying they could see the puppy, so we sent staff right back out.”

Dallas Animal Services couldn’t see the dog, so they called on the services of Trinity Watershed, who brought along a remote-control inspection camera.

“We again didn’t see the puppy initially, but then we went in through the drain’s outlet about 100 yards away and put the camera in that way, and we had a few people hang back at the drain,” McManus said. “Once the commotion went the other way, the dog went back to the drain, and then we could visually see him.”

Workers then placed traps with dog food at either end to lure the dog out. “He must have been pretty motivated or hungry or wanted what was in the trap, and we were able to get him up that way,” McManus said. “It was a great response how many city agencies came together and participated to save his life.”

Workers lifted the dog to safety, and he was transported to a shelter for evaluation. “Our vets checked him right away. He was in good body condition and we didn’t need to do any emergency care,” McManus said.

The dog is under custody of Dallas Animal Services, but not for long. “A number of people have already expressed interest in adopting him,” McManus said. “We’re holding a drawing this Sunday at noon


TEXAS, Houston, what one group does to solve the homeless pet problem

November 21, 2013



by: Florian Martin

Houston has an overabundance of stray animals — many of whom are euthanized if no homes can be found for them. To solve that problem, a Houston-based organization is transporting homeless pets to places where there’s high demand for them.

The city estimates that there are between 800,000 and 1.2 million stray animals in Houston. BARC, the city’s animal shelter, takes in about 25,000 a year.

Chris Newport with BARC says unfortunately there are not enough adoptions to save many of those animals from being put down.

“We’ve got demands on us coming from pretty much 624 square miles of the city — be it for animal control response and dogs coming in on trucks or people not caring for their animals anymore and just turning them in eight at a time. So euthanasia is an unfortunate reality.”

But a new partnership with a pet rescue organization is putting a dent into the number of euthanizations in Houston. Since BARC partnered up with Rescued Pets Movement in September, the organization has transported about 400 BARC animals to Colorado…..

COLORADO animal activist cited for cruelty in Kersey cattle case

November 22, 2013

CO: Animal activist cited for cruelty in Kersey cattle case



Written by Erin Udell
An investigation into a cattle company near Kersey has led to several people being cited for animal abuse, including the animal activist who turned video footage of the alleged abuse over to authorities.Taylor Radig, who has been associated with animal rights organization Compassion Over Killing, worked as a temporary employee at Quanah Cattle Co.near Kersey from mid-July to September 2013. During that time, Radig filmed hours of alleged cattle abuse at the company and turned her videos into the Weld County Sheriff’s Office two months after she stopped working there, according to a WCSO news release.

When talking to investigators, Radig referred to herself as a
“contractor” for the nonprofit animal advocacy organization, which is based in Washington, D.C.

By not reporting the alleged abuse in a timely manner, Radig was seen as negligent and cited for animal cruelty, a Class 1 misdemeanor. She’s also believed to have participated in the cattle abuse incidents reported to the sheriff’s office, the news release said……

OKLAHOMA, Antlers puppy breeder named on horrible hundred list

November 22, 2013

OK: Antlers puppy
breeder named on “horrible hundred” list



Antlers puppy breeder named on “horrible hundred” list

By: Alexandra Carter – Email

(ANTLERS, OKLAHOMA) — The Humane Society of America has released their
“horrible hundred”, a list of what they call the worst puppy breeders in the  country.
Kathleen Summers with the Humane Society of The United States says the purpose of their annual Horrible Hundred list is to warn buyers.

The HSUS put Antlers resident Becky Franks on the list because they say she

wasn’t providing adequate care to the puppies she breeds.

After the USDA cited Franks for not housing dogs properly, chewed dog bowls,and dogs with lame legs.
Franks says she’s loved and has been around animals her whole life and when she saw her name on the horrible hundred list, it came as a shock.Becky Franks says, ” I love animals..I love the exotics..

I love having the animals around.. i just enjoy them.”
Franks owns a ranch with all types of animals from dogs..to horses..to zebras. She says she’s always passed inspections. But she claims a confrontation with a USDA inspector last year landed her on the horrible hundred,” years and years and years of good reports.and I had a run in with an inspector and told them some things they were doing that weren’t legal themselves and when i confronted them about it I got a bad report.”….

OKLAHOMA, Oklahoma City, over 100 dogs seized

Over 100 dogs seized
from Oklahoma City breeder


November 21, 2013

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City, Okla. – 124 dogs are now in the care of adoption agencies after Animal Welfare Officers rescued them from an Oklahoma City home.

The dogs came from a popular breeder known as OKC Poms. While Animal Welfare says the dogs look to be healthy, the conditions they were living in were not, cockroaches were in the food, there was feces everywhere. The cages hadn’t been cleaned properly for quite some time. There was a ventilation issue. So it was pretty bad,” said Officer Mike Cronic.

The dogs were living on Linda Roach’s property. Her business name, OKC Poms, was posted on her home until her husband ripped it down.

He refused to talk to News Channel Four about the business, but it only takes a simple click online to find out Roach has been breeding dogs for more than 30 years…..