Compadres Cat Club raises $3,867.82 for the APHIS injunction

I personally would like to thank all of those that travelled the long trek to support this show.  It took us 7 hours to arrive in Sulphur to the motel for a trip that usually takes no longer than about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  For many others that trip was much longer.  The roads and bridges were icy, so the accidents became a traffic nightmare, but all arrived to the show safe and sound.

This show was so important for all that attended that the absent entries were only 2. It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones, I do hope that other dog and cat clubs follow Compadres’ lead and also hold a fundraiser for the APHIS injunction to help save our hobby and sport.

If you would like to make a contribution to APHIS you may do so by going to






Compadres is delighted to announce that a total of $3,867.82 was raised for the injunction and we want to thank EVERYONE who participated in this effort!  The breakdown is as follows:

$   251.00 – Donations to the APHIS Injunction

$   641.00 – Raffle

$   967.00 – Kitchen

$2,008.82 – Proceeds from show after all expenses paid

$3,867.82 – TOTAL

A money order for $967.00 from what was made in the kitchen has already been mailed to the Associated Dog Clubs of NYS who is heading up the injunction.  A check for the remaining $2900.82 will be mailed to them this week.

I want to note that we had donations from TICA breeders/exhibitors in other regions, as well as from some dog breeders!  Compadres greatly appreciates their participation!

Wendy Klamm

Compadres Entry Clerk

Man transforms room into feline obstacle course

January 30, 2014

Man transforms room into feline obstacle course
When his cats grew bored with scratching posts and turned their attention to his furniture and drapes, carpenter Stefan Hofmann created a feline wonderland of bridges and shelves on the walls of a room in his home. “I kept thinking, what would be exciting if I were a cat? Maybe a big risky leap from one shelf to another, or a little cove for them to snuggle into when they get tired,” said Hofmann of the design and building project. Hofmann says the cats are constantly at play in their new obstacle course. Daily News (New York)/Caters News Agency (U.K.) (1/28)

The Farm Bill and APHIS

January 29, 2014

There are two items which relate to the latest APHIS regulations in the Farm Bill.   From the Managers Report:

The Conference substitute amends the Animal Welfare Act by providing “that a dealer or exhibitor shall not be required to obtain a license as a dealer or exhibitor under this Act if the size of business is determined by the Secretary to be de minimus.” By limiting the scope of dealers and exhibitors who are required to obtain a license, the conference substitute allows the Secretary of Agriculture to focus the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s limited budget and inspection and enforcement staff on entities that pose the greatest risks to animal welfare and public safety. USDA has found that no license is required for small-scale breeders of certain animals (i.e., those that maintain four or fewer breeding cats and dogs and who sell only the offspring of those animals which were born and raised on the premises for pets or exhibition) and the Conference substitute codifies this exemption, allowing USDA to determine that animal breeders who raise animals on their own premises need not obtain a license if the number of animals they breed or sell, or the gross annual dollar amounts earned from such activities, are so minor as to merit disregard. The Managers continue to recognize the importance of ensuring that all animals bred, transported, and sold in (or substantially affecting) interstate commerce are humanely treated. The Conference substitute also allows USDA to determine that certain

exhibition businesses are de minimus. An exhibitor’s business must not be considered de minimus merely because the facility operates as a non-profit corporation, nor is the exhibition of a small number of dangerous animals (including, but not limited to, big cats, bears, wolves, nonhuman primates, or elephants) de minimus.

The Managers expect APHIS to complete this rulemaking expeditiously and would suggest a timeframe not to exceed one year from the date of enactment in order that the agency begin receiving the benefit the policy provides related to resource allocation. Furthermore, by freeing up resources and more effectively focusing its regulatory program, the Managers observe that this policy eliminates a direct obstacle to lifting the stay on the agency’s contingency rule and issuance of the proposed rule to regulate bird dealers and exhibitors, and expect action to betaken on these rules without delay.

The Animal Welfare Act (AWA or the Act, 7 U.S.C. 2131 et seq.) seeks to ensure the humane handling, care, treatment, and transportation of certain animals that are sold at wholesale and retail for use in research facilities, for exhibition purposes, or for use as pets by means of federal licensing and inspection. A revised definition of retail pet store included in the Final Rule published by USDA on September 10, 2013, and effective November 18, 2013, restored and amended the exemption in §2.1(a)(3)(vii) so that any person including, but not limited to, purebred dog or cat fanciers, who maintains a total of four or fewer breeding female dogs, cats, and/or small exotic or wild mammals, and who sells, at retail, only the offspring of these dogs, cats, and/or small exotic or wild mammals, which were born and raised on his or her premises, for pets or exhibition, and is not otherwise required to obtain a license, is also considered a retail pet store for regulatory purposes.

The Managers are aware of confusion among the regulated industry and request clarification of two principles pertaining to the sale of pets: (1) Current regulatory language uses the term “breeding female” which does not appear in statute and thus lacks statutory direction. The Managers urge APHIS to clarify that only those female animals capable of reproduction and actively being used in a breeding program qualify as breeding females. (2) The Managers also recommend clarifying t hat USDA oversight of such sales pertains to those transactions in interstate commerce as provided for under the Commerce Clause (U.S. Const. amend. I, § 8. )] [and as referenced in §2132 (c) of the Animal Welfare Act and regulated under authority of the United States department of Agriculture].

TEXAS, Fort Worth puppy mill dogs found near Graham in Young County

TX: More dogs from Parker County ‘puppy mill’ found in Young County


More dogs from Parker County ‘puppy mill’ found in Young County Posted

Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014 0 comments Print Reprints

January 29,2014

By Bill Miller

FORT WORTH – More than three dozen dogs that were missing this month when authorities seized animals from a “puppy mill” in northwest Parker
County have been located nearly 50 miles away near Graham, officials said Tuesday.

A tipster told officials that the dogs were moved from the Parker County
property to another breeding operation near Graham in Young County, said
Tammy Roberts, interim director of the Humane Society of North Texas.

The 45 dogs found near Graham include schnauzers, Shih Tzus, and German and Australian shepherds, she said.

The man who operates the Graham facility apparently didn’t know the full
history of the dogs and agreed Monday to release them to the Humane Society,

Roberts said…..

PKD a letter from Dr Leslie Lyons

January 29, 2014

Please feel free to crosspost

Letter from Dr. Leslie Lyons:

Hello Breeders,

Our Feline Genetics laboratory has moved to the University of Missouri, which is much closer to an interested drug company and a strong team of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) researchers at the University of Kansas.  The group in Kansas studies humans.  Like cats, humans have NO therapies for PKD.  We will be working with Dr. David Biller again – who documented the condition and is our expert radiologist, and also researchers at the University of Kansas.

We are now starting interactions to develop drug trials for cats (and humans) and I need your help to develop a network of cooperative and interested breeders to support some studies on PKD.  Any cats at risk for PKD can participate, including but not limited to: Persians, Exotics, Chartreux, British Shorthair, Selkirk Rex, Scottish Folds and American Shorthairs.

I need to develop an e-mail list of interested breeders – potentially those who can drive to the University of Missouri or Kansas State – for a day trip.

We may be doing ultrasound screening clinics and perhaps asking for blood and or urine samples from affected and control cats.  If a cat is dying and has PKD – we would want the cat for a necropsy.  We will be providing other incentives, such as free genetic testing.

Most of the things we do would not be of cost to the breeder and we are not proposing anything invasive to the cats.  Your cats may qualify for a drug trial.

Can you help me form a network of interested breeders that we can call upon for PKD studies?


Best regards



Leslie A. Lyons, PhD

Gilbreath-McLorn Endowed Professor of Comparative Medicine

Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery

College of Veterinary Medicine

E109 Vet Med Building, 1600 E. Rollins St.

University of Missouri – Columbia

Columbia, MO 65211  Phone: 01 573 882 9777Website: felinegenetics.missouri.eduLab: 01 573 884 2287 Lab e-mail: felinegenome@missouri.eduProfessor Emerita – University of California – Davis

Hobby breeding is at stake

Read this VERY CAREFULLY paying attention to the first paragraph. Think it
won’t happen to you, you’d better go back and rethink this again.

While Danielle is in NJ I felt this was necessary to be posted here as whether you have dogs/cats/horses or other companions, this is happening all around the US and you need to be aware of it to protect yourself against this kind of action no matter where you live and this action was directed at a hobby breeder.

`NJ: Hobby breeding is at stake

NJ: Lincoln Park
Re Danielle Weitz, GSD breeder

From Stormy Hope

I’m posting this as an update on Danielle’s court case. Two points to
remember. A fellow Exhibitor, club member, sent an anonymous complaint,
there were NO abuse charges, no neighbor complaints, nothing…, nothing
more than because she had an Website and was listed on an AKC Breeder page,she was charged with running a “business’ on her residential property. The penalty? She has to be checked continually, FOREVER, to make sure she
doesn’t breed a litter.

“Two weeks from today at 10:30 am GSDs will be in the ring at Westminster
but at that very time on that very day we will be in the New Jersey Supreme
Court to appeal our ruling that keeps us from breeding our dogs. In 2008 we
had the number 4 bitch in the Redbook for Futurity points. If this ruling stands it will affect every person in the State of NJ who were to breed their dog and even sell one pup. If it stands in NJ it will surely be picked up by other states and could move across the country quite easily.

We were never charged with cruelty or abuse only because we had a litter of
pups. Anyone not believing it was that simple is welcome to copies of the
transcripts. The President of the NJ Federation of Dog Clubs, an NAIA
representative and the American Rottweiler Assoc., GSD people and people who simply understand this situation have been at every court date with us along with others who understand the implications of this, as well as, those who know we are and are hiding nothing. We’re going into year four of this.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to our legal defense fund to help every
breeder in New Jersey may make it at

Thank you to those who have supported us throughout this and please pray we
get it overturned. Any naysayers, that is to say, people who don’t        understand the importance of this are welcome to contact me. I am sure that
people who have known me for many years will be happy to vouch for us.

New Jersey vs. Dogs

Danielle Weitz, a longtime AKC hobby breeder of champion German Shepherd
Dogs has broken no laws. Yet – she has been convicted of running an
“illegal kennel” because a local judge decided that because she had a breeder
profile on the AKC website, she is a business, not a hobbyist…

COLORADO voters may get to weigh in on ag animal issues

January 27, 2014


By Marianne Goodland

The Colorado Statesman

Animal rights activists who want voters to ban certain livestock procedures
may have to contend with a bill at the state capitol that could rein in some
of their tactics.

Ballot measures to ban or limit the practice of tail docking for dairy cattle were filed last week. At the same time, Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg,R-Sterling, who led the fight to defeat a 2013 bill on the same issue, said he will run a bill this session to require those who film alleged animal abuse to turn over those videos to law enforcement immediately.

He has not yet filed the bill, but confirmed this week he still intends to run it…..

…Four ballot measures to force the issue were filed on Jan. 16 by rancher Mike Callicrate of Colorado Springs, a member of the HSUS’ Agriculture Council of Colorado and owner of Ranch Foods Direct. As of press time, HSUS plans to file new ballot initiatives due to technical changes in the wording, according to HSUS Colorado Director Jacquelyn Pyun. The ballot numbers below reflect the original filing.

Two of the ballot initiatives deal broadly with animal husbandry practices. Ballot initiative 62 says that in cases where alleged animal abuse has taken place, it is not an affirmative defense that the animal was treated in accordance with accepted animal husbandry practices.

Ballot initiative 61 also deals with the affirmative defense issue, and removes “livestock” from a part of statute that deals with accepted animal husbandry practices….

TENNESSEE, Murfreesboro animal charity accused of taking dog

January 26, 2014

Subject: [petlaw] TN:
Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog


Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog Updated: Thursday, January 23 2014,

10:38 PM CST Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with Fox 17 This Morning
at 5 am and News at 9 pm.

Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog Stacy Case Murfreesboro

Only On Fox, a charity that’s supposed to protect animals is accused of doing just the
opposite. A Murfreesboro dog owner says the Humane Alliance of Rutherford
County took her dog, and she believes the charity’s director is planning to
sell it for profit. The dog owner, Freda Haddix, is disabled which keeps her
home a lot. Her husband and Buddy, the black chihuahua, are her life. All
she has are pictures of him now all because Haddix says she needed help
house training the full blooded long haired chihuahua. She explains why shecalled Humane Alliance, “That’s why I got in touch with Animal Alliance(Humane Alliance) to see if they knew anybody they could put me in touchwith someone. Instead, Haddix says the charity director herself, Penny Jekotof Humane Alliance of Rutherford County offered to help, but said she’d needto take the dog for a while. The Haddix family says Jekot said she’d bringBuddy back after he was house broken. Then, before she walked out the door,the Haddix’s say Jekot asked for one thing… their signatures. Robert Jekot
says he thought the signatures were just to show she had permission to have
the dog in the interim while she was working on house training…..