COLORADO voters may get to weigh in on ag animal issues

January 27, 2014


By Marianne Goodland

The Colorado Statesman

Animal rights activists who want voters to ban certain livestock procedures
may have to contend with a bill at the state capitol that could rein in some
of their tactics.

Ballot measures to ban or limit the practice of tail docking for dairy cattle were filed last week. At the same time, Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg,R-Sterling, who led the fight to defeat a 2013 bill on the same issue, said he will run a bill this session to require those who film alleged animal abuse to turn over those videos to law enforcement immediately.

He has not yet filed the bill, but confirmed this week he still intends to run it…..

…Four ballot measures to force the issue were filed on Jan. 16 by rancher Mike Callicrate of Colorado Springs, a member of the HSUS’ Agriculture Council of Colorado and owner of Ranch Foods Direct. As of press time, HSUS plans to file new ballot initiatives due to technical changes in the wording, according to HSUS Colorado Director Jacquelyn Pyun. The ballot numbers below reflect the original filing.

Two of the ballot initiatives deal broadly with animal husbandry practices. Ballot initiative 62 says that in cases where alleged animal abuse has taken place, it is not an affirmative defense that the animal was treated in accordance with accepted animal husbandry practices.

Ballot initiative 61 also deals with the affirmative defense issue, and removes “livestock” from a part of statute that deals with accepted animal husbandry practices….