From the KODA group regarding USDA/APHIS and it DOES concern you

April 4, 2014

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This is a must read for all animal owners/dog/cat/exotic or otherwise.  Be aware because IT DOES CONCERN YOU.

This is a letter to the KODA group, from a woman that apparently is a “small” commercial kennel.  It tells her story about being USDA licensed, her thoughts and concerns.

(please note that the writer is technically incorrect in saying that “PETA” was involved in the writing of the Rule, when it was actually the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  But in stated goals, these animal rights groups are actually one and the same: intent upon “no animal use.”)

Thought you’d like to read it.  KODA is the ONLY group that is actively trying to ward off government intrusion into the already difficult lives of pet breeders.

I’ve been looking on your website and it gives me a glimmer of hope.  I’m a breeder and have been for 19 years.  In the beginning I was USDA registered and was in compliance with their rules.  I was selling to a broker, I became very discouraged doing that, I wanted to know where my puppies were going, I wanted to talk to the new owners to know the puppies would be loved and well taken care of.  Even though I started selling my puppies over the internet and was shipping them (by air) and had completely stopped selling to brokers I still kept my USDA license.  Every time the inspector came he told me I didn’t need a license, after about 4 years I dropped the license….now about 5 years later they are now saying I have to get a license.  Not only that, they are now at 75% stricter than they were at the time I had the license.

Some of my dogs like to chew…if USDA finds any chew marks on any part of the kennel you have to grind the marks off.  Any time there’s a chew mark, you grind, if you grind too deeply you have to get a new house.  My dogs are in a pavilion type house with concrete floors, we cover the floors with wheat straw in the winter time, the dogs love it….USDA hates it.  They don’t have the foggiest idea on the comfort of the dogs.  They have all their book learned ideas that they force on the breeders even it doesn’t affect the dogs one way or the other or in some cases it’s worse for the dogs.

The new law will cost us far more money than we have, so I’m now in the process of giving my dogs to breeders who have a license, because I know when they raid my kennel they will take my dogs, I also know that if they don’t find homes for my dogs within a few days they will euthanize them.

I have been raising healthy puppies from healthy dogs ever since I started breeding and I have proof by what the new owners say on my feedback page on my website.  USDA says it’s because there were so many complaints of unhealthy puppies being sold over the internet is the reason for the new law, well the unhealthy puppies weren’t mine!  Not only that, every puppy, no matter who was the breeder, had to be vet checked before it could even be shipped…NO exceptions!  Are they saying that all the vets are incompetent?  And are allowing unhealthy puppies to be shipped.  As we all know and have known for a long time PETA is behind the whole thing.  USDA used to be against PETA, somehow we go some real jerks in there that were bought off by PETA  and thousands of breeders are paying for the governments inability to stand up for what’s right.

One thing that’s come out of the whole mess, it’s created new jobs, USDA is training many new inspectors to terrorize the breeders and they’re very good at their jobs.  Our vet told one of the breeder’s the other day that he’s euthanized more dogs in the last few weeks than he has in his whole career.  Every breeder I know keeps their retired breeders, a lot of them are 12 years and older and in good health except for maybe one little thing that comes with old age, the breeder has no choice but to have the dog put down or get wrote up because of the dog still having the same thing wrong with it when the inspector comes back.

I know you’re working mostly with the smaller breeders but we are in the same boat as they are, we need help to be able to save our dogs.    My husband says we can claim the Grandfather Clause since they changed all this in the middle of things, that people have to have time to make changes.   You don’t just all of a sudden get rid of 100 dogs, it took a long time to get where we are and it will take a long time to get out of it, unless PETA has their way and have all of them killed.

I don’t know what to do to reverse the action the government is taking against us except pray.  God works miracles and I know that you’re one way he’s working things out.  Don’t give up there’s thousands of us counting on you.

Thank you for reading this lengthy email and for all the work your group is doing.  I am praying that you succeed, as no one else is even trying.