OKLAHOMA, Oklahoma City tries to rein in dog pack

 June 24, 2014





Oklahoma City tries to rein in dog pack at Capitol Oklahoma City’s animal welfare division is typically working 10 animal bite cases a day, vastly dog bites. While the recent bites at the state Capitol shed light on the issue, it’s an ongoing problem in the city. In 2013, the animal welfare division completed 887 bite reports, mostly for dogs.

by Juliana Keeping Published: June 23, 2014



A pack of reddish-brown dogs have been having the time of their lives at Oklahoma’s Capitol building.


They’ve had the run of the grounds, rooting for rabbits and bounding over grassy lawns, for at least three weeks.


The problem is, the pooches have gone on the attack — for people. Two visitors suffered dog bites at the northeast Oklahoma City Capitol building in recent weeks. Others report being chased. Animal welfare workers laid traps to capture the dogs. Three were caught since the bite incidents, said Sheridan Lowery, a field supervisor with the city’s animal welfare division.


Commentors on the dog bite stories report on NewsOK’s Facebook page that strays are an issue elsewhere in Oklahoma City.


“People are aggressively pursued by dogs,” one woman writes.


Lowery, the supervisor, confirmed the division works multiple dog bite cases every day. In 2013, there were nearly 900 reports made for animal bites — vastly, dogs….


High blood pressure affects pets too

June 23, 2014

High blood pressure affects pets, too

(Brent Davis)

High blood pressure affects dogs and cats, writes veterinarian Michael Watts, but measuring a pet’s blood pressure is more complicated than in humans. High blood pressure in pets generally indicates an underlying problem such as heart or kidney disease, according to Dr. Watts. Treatment is available and is necessary to prevent other health problems. Star-Exponent (Culpeper, Va.) (6/22)

TENNESSEE pet breeders soon to be UNregulated by Tennessee law

http://www.newschannel9.com/news/top-stories/stories/pet-breeders-soon-unreg ulated-tennessee-law-11067.shtml


Pet Breeders Soon To Be Unregulated by Tennessee Law Representatives from the Humane Society of the United States say puppy mills will soon go unregulated by Tennessee state law

The Commercial Breeders Act that’s aimed at monitoring unregulated mass-breeders like this one will expire at the end of the month. Tennessee state director for The HSUS, Leighann Lassiter, tells us “the program was primarily complaint driven which is why this one was never caught because they didn’t know it existed.”

Lassiter believes that a lack of legislation means that there could be even more mills. “Unfortunately it didn’t bring in the money to cover the expenditure to operate the program. So, our state legislature decline to extend the program any further,” adds Lassiter…..

TEXAS vesicular stomatitis confirmed in 3 more horses

June 18, 2014

Vesicular stomatitis confirmed in 3 more Texas horses Three horses on two Hidalgo County, Texas, farms have developed vesicular stomatitis, adding to five other recent cases in the state. The horses have the same viral strain as the earlier cases in Kinney County, but there is no known connection between the Hidalgo County farms, and the affected horses haven’t traveled recently. The virus, with symptoms that resemble those of foot-and-mouth disease, may be transmitted via fomites contaminated with saliva or fluid from ruptured lesions, but it is also transmitted by biting insects. Southwest Farm Press (6/16)