KODA update on the USDA/APHIS injunction

September 20, 2014


KODA is almost a year old, and with fortitude and determination, look what we have accomplished, so far!  YESSSS!!

In-depth explanations appear below, but here is the bottom line:


We had originally felt that monies collected to date would carry us through our scheduled Oct 9, 2014 court date, but thanks to the HSUS purposely throwing obstacles into our path, we have been forced to spend more than originally anticipated.  Despite the several milestones we have already surpassed, we are at the point where, unless we can pay the legal fees that will be imposed to carry us through the court date, we stand to lose all that we have done, and all that we have spent, so far.

So, PLEASE, everyone dig into your pockets, flip the mattresses, rob your piggy banks, have a bake sale, set up a table at your next show, (have HANDOUTS and a donation bucket!)- do whatever you can do to help us get through this one last phase.  There is no donation amount that is too small!

It is SO IMPORTANT for us to be able to finish what we have started.!

1)    PLEASE go to the KODA Donations page and do whatever you can do to help, individually and as a club or federation.  Not just one or the other, but BOTH!

2)    In addition, we have an EXCITING CHALLENGE: The American Pomeranian Club has challenged its members to donate to the KODA effort. To encourage participation, they have pledged to match the first $500 in donations, dollar for dollar, whether you are a member or not! 

3)   We would like to challenge other organizations of all species affected to set up a similar MATCH THE FUNDS program. It’s a win-win for all of us and will double our money!  Just have your club Pres or Treas email our Treas to alert her of another club that wants to help in this way.

4)    Please send all donations to KODA, but note whether you want your donation applied to a specific Club’s pledge, or to any club that needs it to fulfill their pledge.

T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE!  Soft Kitty, Warm Puppy, and MORE! Watch the KODA site for the posting of various supporters’ efforts to help us by purchasing T-SHIRTS and recommending to your friends and family