GA science teacher neuters cats during class, local officials say

December 15, 2014

Ga. science teacher neuters cats during class, local officials say Two cats were neutered without anesthesia or analgesia during a science class at a Georgia high school, authorities say. The teacher, Daniel Hebert, is not a veterinarian. He faces two counts of animal cruelty and was suspended by the school board with a pending resignation. The cats apparently survived the procedure. Dale’s Pet World blog

Please help us help them

December 15, 2014


After Tuxedo the Greyhound came to Bexata Animal Sanctuary and  rescue, he crushed his two middle rear toes and was in danger of losing his leg. The options were to have his leg amputated or to see if the toes could be saved. Unfortunately, he lost the two middle toes, but he has been healing beautifully and is walking well on his bandaged foot. Eventually, with constant care (soaking, healing cream, antibiotics, and wrapping), he should have a sufficient recovery to allow him to live a normal life and use all four legs without issue. Only time will tell if there won’t be ongoing trauma to the two toes that will carry the weight and balance of four, which will require more surgery .

While I am thankful that the vet took such good care of him, but his bill depleted the rescue bank account.

We really need your help and donations because, in addition to Tuxedo’s surgery, we now have two feral six month old Great Pyrenees mix dogs that were dropped off at Bexata Animal Sanctuary and rescue that needed veterinarian care (heartworm test, spay/neuter including fluids) and will need extensive training. They were found roaming on an exotic animal ranch. The rancher had no idea where they came from, but said they were living on deer protein blocks and water until he trapped them and brought them here. He dropped off the dogs, but sadly made no donation to their ongoing care which has become more than anyone bargained for because they are dehydrated and underweight, as well as afraid of everyone and everything.

The rehabilitation and rehoming of the ferals is going to be a long and expensive road which is why we really need your help. Bexata Animal Sanctuary  relies upon the kindness of people like you donating.

Please visit Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc. website (PLEASE HELP US HELP THEM)  to see more regarding  the feral pups (now and as they progress) as well as other animals available for adoption and those already adopted. It is through the donations that you so generously contribute to the sanctuary that we are able to continue the work we do and help the animals that otherwise would not have a chance.

Tuxedo was so named for his markings, but the ferals have no names (yet), so when you make a donation, kindly suggest names for the boy and girl. They were bred by someone who evidently didn’t care if they lived or died, but that’s what Bexata Animal Sanctuary and rescue is all about, helping those that can’t help themselves and giving them as normal a life as possible that befits their breed.

Due to the amount of time that is spent caring for the rescues as well as the rehabilitation issues; there is no time for us to participate in FB or other social media, and It would be of tremendous help to us if you would please share this message, by email as well,  for us to help carry out our mission
For your convenience when you go to the website you will find the paypal tab. Any amount will be greatly appreciated . Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to adopt or if you have any questions regarding donating by mail or  adoption or our Bexata Animal Sanctuary and rescue.

Thank you and God bless

Founder, Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

COLORADO, Adams country rodent farm, Thornton pet store accused of animal abuse

December 12, 2014

Adams County rodent farm, Thornton pet store accused of animal cruelty By
Kieran Nicholson The Denver Post
Posted: 12/11/2014 05:04:31 PM MST11 Comments | Updated: a day ago

An investigation into alleged animal cruelty at a Thornton pet store is
ongoing, and an international animal rights group leveled further
allegations Thursday at an Adams County rodent farm.

Investigators remained at Jurassic Pets, 10380 Washington St., on Thursday,
gathering evidence after serving a search warrant on the business a day
earlier, said Matt Barnes, a Thornton Police Department spokesman.

No one was arrested, Barnes said, but investigators are building a case
alleging animal cruelty to present to prosecutors….

…The sheriff’s office issued a statement saying its investigation in the
case may have been jeopardized by PETA’s action.

“Their information release has gravely jeopardized the likelihood of charges
being filed in this case for essentially tipping off the owners … to the
investigation,” the statement said. “The release of the information … has
provided any suspects time to destroy any evidence of the abuse that may
have remained.”…

Finding the right place to board your cat

December 11, 2014

Finding the right place to board your cat Veterinarian Francine Rattner urges cat owners to scrutinize potential kennels before boarding their animals. Always tour the kennel and check for cleanliness, watching to be sure the staff seems happy and interested in their work. It’s important to make plans for a possible emergency, so ask about who will provide veterinary care and ensure the staff knows how to reach you quickly. The Capital (Annapolis, Md.) (12/9)

COLORADO citizens protest request for a dog breeding facility

December 11, 2014

The current Cause Celebre in the Valley is revolving around a request for a Special Use Permit from the county to establish a dog breeding facility on County Road 118 in the south end of the Valley.

Seeking the permit is Martin Troyer who wants to establish the business on his 40 acres.

At a hearing held Tuesday at the courthouse, around three dozen citizens turned out to learn more about the proposal, and, in some cases, to voice opposition to the plan.

Our county is lucky to have residents who take an interest in our governmental processes. Add a batch of puppies to the mix, and there’s an added layer of animal and pet advocates interested in due process….

…Equally disturbing are public references to Mr. Troyer’s Amish faith.

Mixing religious equations into an already controversial matter only detract from the issues at hand.

We think it’s patently unfair for citizens to insist that a legitimate, small-scale business proposal be shot down simply because something could go awry. In our mind, that’s prior restraint, which should not apply to an operation that will have little impact on neighbors, the environrment, or the county as a whole….


KANSAS Salina groups petitions against dog kennel

December 11, 2014

By TIM HORAN Salina Journal

A group of citizens concerned about “puppy mills” is circulating a petition
asking Saline County planning commissioners to deny a conditional-use permit
for a dog kennel in rural Saline County, citing a recent inspection that
listed several deficiencies at the kennel.

Bobby and Bonnie George applied for the conditional-use permit for a kennel
they operate at 5310 N. Holmes, where they raise and sell primarily Alaskan
klee kai and mini husky breeds.

The Georges originally received a two-year conditional-use permit in 1996,
but it was never renewed. The kennel has been licensed by the state since
that time.

David Neal, the county’s planning and zoning director, said the Georges
recently applied again for a conditional-use permit, and a hearing was held
Dec. 1. As a result of that hearing, three members of the planning
commission – Jim Jurgensmeier, Mike Wilson and Ken Stromberg – along with
Kevin Urban, sanitarian with the Saline County Health Department, will visit
the kennel Friday….


LOUISIANA Moreauville repeals breed bank, implements state law

December 9, 2014

After a dramatic couple of weeks, the Moreauville, LA, board voted, on December 1st, to unanimously repeal the recently passed breed ban that targeted “pit bulls” and Rottweilers.

At this meeting, the entire dangerous dog ordinance was repealed, not just the breed based portion.  The only thing that remained at the time was the leash law that had been passed around 20 years ago.On December 8th, the board voted to implement Louisiana state dangerous dog law.  This law is completely breed neutral and focuses on the actions of the dog and owner.

The ban was passed at the request of several residents.  It was not a consideration of the board until the request was made.  There were multiple incidents with dogs menacing residents, and they finally reached their breaking point.

I spoke to Mayor Timmy Lemoine about several incidents.  One resident has their dog chained along the recently built pavilion and play ground area.  Families hold birthday parties and gatherings there.  Despite there being room on the property for the dog to not be in direct contact with that particular section, that is where the dog was chained.  Chained dogs are often frustrated and act out, and this dog is no different.  Several complaints had been made from residents fearing the chain would break.  Officials attempted to speak to the dog owner, asking that the chain spot be moved back away from the common area, and were met with an extremely hostile response.  It went so far that residents stopped using the public area out of fear of this particular dog.

Another issue is a dog that is used intentionally to menace others.  We are told a man would sit with his dog on the front porch of his house, near the sidewalk and tell his dog to “Sic ‘em” as people passed.

Mayor Lemoine had concerns about the way some dogs are being housed.  There are dogs that are chained all day in the Louisiana summer heat, with no shelter and minimal resources.  “A dog out on a chain like that all day goes crazy.  Anyone would,” said Lemoine.

He stated that it was the intention of the board that confiscated dogs be held at a local veterinary clinic while the owners arranged for housing elsewhere or elected to have the dogs put down.  The thought seemed to be that the dogs would be housed in a better place and cared for.  “It isn’t humane the way these dogs are being kept…I don’t see how that is humane out on a chain like that all the time.”

The ordinance was copied from a neighboring town and, as such, the language and use of the word “disposition” was left open to interpretation.  Mayor Lemoine said that the implications of the wording were not considered in depth in the passage of the ban and understands why it was interpreted the way it was.

It was the understanding of officials that the ordinance, as written, was constitutional.  They were advised by the town attorney that this was the case because it had not been challenged in the municipality it originated from.

October 13th, the board voted to pass the ban.  Mayor Lemoine said that they felt stuck.  They had been asked to do this by their constituents and did not realize the implications of the law.

Having been advised by the attorney that it was ok and having heard from officials in the town the ban originated from that it was “working” made it seem like a ban would be the cleanest solution to their problems.  “I know the owners are the problem here, but we can’t ban the owners so it seemed like we could do something by banning the dogs,” said Lemoine in an interview with us.  “We were stuck between a rock and a hard place.  It is an election year and they (the residents) made it clear this was what they wanted and if we didn’t do it they wouldn’t vote for us…”

Officials did not expect the ban to garner the attention it did.  The story was featured internationally, created a circus of half-truths and opened the door to opportunism and fraud. Much of this attention can be traced to the images of Ohara Owens and Zeus.  The media zeroed in on this aspect of the story because of the health problems of the young woman.  They took the story and ran with it, taking the statement that the dog was “like a therapy dog” and turning it into Zeus actually being a therapy dog.  Fundraisers were started by uninvolved parties, as well as involved parties for personal expenses, unrelated to this issue.

Mayor Lemoine addressed the issue of Zeus in our conversation.  He stated that he contacted a reporter at KALB about the issue.  “Zeus was never at risk…I received an e-mail from (the family) saying he was an American Bulldog…I told them to throw out the letter…he was safe…Zeus wasn’t a problem.  He was in the house and never caused any issues…I didn’t want to talk to (the family) directly because anything I said could be used against me.”

Mayor Lemoine had to disable social media messengers because of threats.  We have said this before, will say it again and will likely have to repeat it in the future.  Threats of any kind are inappropriate, counter productive and absolutely unwarranted no matter what the circumstances.

In speaking to Mayor Lemoine, several things become clear.  This was a case of a lack of adequate research and wanting to act quickly on the request of residents.  The intentions of the board were good ones.  The behavior of the problem dog owners is abhorrent.  At the risk of editorializing, if there is blame to be placed for the passage of this ban, that blame would rest squarely on the shoulders of those who are mismanaging their dogs and creating issues in Moreauville.

It is clear that both Mayor Lemoine and the board care deeply about their community.  “We are a nice little town and we don’t want people to have to fear,” said Lemoine.

People readily ascribe negative intentions to officials who pass these laws but most often the intentions are not bad ones but more poorly thought out in the rush to act.

It is easy to get lost in emotion and vitriol when dealing with matters of breed discriminatory laws.  We cannot allow ourselves to get wrapped up in half-truths and rhetoric.  We have to be open to honest dialogue about the needs of the community at large and build bridges with officials on all levels.  Nothing is gained in threats and hatred and indeed we have more to lose by indulging in these paths.  We cannot expect everyone to understand how breed based laws affect the community without a thorough and thoughtful conversation.

For the most part intentions are good, though efforts misplaced and effects misunderstood.  Mistakes are made.  We must move past these mistakes and offer our help and expertise to officials who find themselves in the difficult position of having to draft a law they have no experience with.

The simple solution is not always the most effective, but it is the most attractive.  Lets offer help in place of hate, and build bridges to safer and more humane communities.

Where would cats be today without kitty litter

December 10, 2014

Where would cats be without Kitty Litter? The invention of cat litter changed the course of feline and human lives, according to Bloomberg Businessweek‘s list of the “85 Most Disruptive Ideas In Our History.” Cass County, Mich., resident Ed Lowe intended for his clay product to be used in chicken coops, but the idea tanked. However, a woman tried the product for her cat and found it absorbed urine and odors. The product opened the door for cats as indoor pets. (Michigan) (free registration) (12/9)

COLORADO, Westcliffe animal activists worry about possible puppy mill coming


December 10, 2014

Emily Allen, Multimedia Journalist /Target 13 Investigator ,
POSTED: 10:53 PM MST Dec 09, 2014 UPDATED: 10:55 PM MST Dec 09, 2014

Animal activists worry possible puppy mill coming to Souther WESTCLIFFE,
Colo. –

A group of animal activists and an Amish man are at odds over a proposed
commercial breeding facility in Westcliffe.

Martin Troyer presented his plan for a breeding facility for dogs on his
Amish group’s property to Custer County’s zoning commission on Tuesday.

Troyer has proposed a small breeding facility from which he would sell about
100 dogs a year. He plans to breed bichons and Cavalier King Charles

Peggy Kavookjian attended Tuesday’s presentation to hear Troyer’s plan.
She works with animal rescues and is urging the zoning commission to deny
his request for a permit….