how to deal with separation anxiety in animals

July 29, 2015

How to deal with separation anxiety in animals Separation anxiety can be a problem for dogs and sometimes even cats, according to veterinarian Julie Albright, a small animal behavior specialist at the University of Tennessee, and inappropriate behavior when the animal is left alone is a classic sign. Although confinement may become necessary in some cases, it can make the situation worse, so working with a veterinarian to address the root of the issue is wise. Medication may be part of the strategy, says Dr. Albright. She urges families with new pets that are accustomed to plenty of time with the family around to gradually get the animals used to time alone. WBIR-TV (Knoxville, Tenn.) (7/28)


2,000 year old feline footprint found in ancient tile

July 28, 2015

2,000-year-old feline footprint found in ancient tile An archaeologist discovered a paw print from a cat in a 2,000-year-old roof tile found in Gloucester, England. The tile was recovered in 1969 but the print was only recently identified. The tegula tile dried in the sun, but not before a cat walked across it. Footprints from dogs, humans and even a pig have been found in ancient tiles, but cat prints are uncommon. BBC (7/28)

TEXAS fat cat down from 41 pounds

July 26, 2015

Texas fat cat shrinks down from 41 pounds A 41-pound cat found as a stray in 2012 has reached 19 pounds under the care of veterinarian Brittney Barton at HEAL Veterinary Hospital in Texas. Skinny the cat has been on a diet and exercise routine, and Dr. Barton says that although he’s still a large cat, he’s no longer obese. York Daily Record (Pa.)/The Associated Press (7/27)