ARKANSAS, BRYANT high school’s bat problem gets worse

February 27, 2017

ARKANSAS, BRYANT high school’s bat problem gets worse

Officials at Bryant High School in Bryant, Ark., learned they had a bat problem, and after one bat found in the school tested positive for rabies, they are taking quick action to deal with the issue. Officials say any students who may have had contact with the bat need to be assessed to determine their risk of infection, and they plan to seal off the animals’ access to the school after the animals are ushered out.

KARK-TV (Little Rock, Ark.) (2/24)

ARKANSAS, Jonesboro area suspected puppy mill found

March 2, 2015

March 2, 2015
Suspected puppy mill found outside of Jonesboro nets 31 dogs by The Associated Press
07:51 PM, Saturday, February 28 2015
JONESBORO (AP) — County officials are investigating after a suspected puppy mill outside Jonesboro turned up 31 dogs living in a semi-trailer.

The Jonesboro Sun reported that 18 of the discovered dogs were female —most of them pregnant — and 13 males were taken to a veterinary care facility, where professionals and volunteers were assessing each dog’s condition Friday.

Rusty Grigsby, an investigator with the Craighead County Sheriff’s Department, says there are no charges yet in the case because it’s still being investigated. Grigsby says he expects the department should have a report by Monday.

Ruth Scroggin, who helped with the rescue, says the dogs seized were mostly miniature schnauzers that were living in what she called deplorable conditions.

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ARKANSAS, Walnut ridge proposed ordinance targeting ‘pit bulls’

December 28, 2014

Please lend your voice to the fight against an ordinance targeting “pit bulls” in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. fted-in-walnut-ridge-arkansas/


ARKANSAS Lincoln county answered the question how much is your dog worth to you?

July 14, 2014 u?cmpid=enews07142014&spPodID=020&spMailingID=6757530&spUserID=NTUyOTMwMzU1O DgS1&spJobID=481527686&spReportId=NDgxNTI3Njg2S0

How Much is Your Hunting Dog Worth? by Brian Lynn Our hunting dogs mean everything to us. But how much is one worth? How much could you get for yours if someone shot it dead?

Well, in Lincoln County, Arkansas, hunting dogs are serious business. In March, a jury awarded a man $145,000 for his treeing Walker when it was shot dead while on the hunt. The dog was reportedly worth $10,000, but personal injury, destruction of property and punitive damages racked up the remainder of ruling….

ARKANSAS, Humphrey ordinance targeting pit bulls, rottweilers and mastiffs PASSED

May 14, 2014

Humphrey, AR: Ordinance targeting “pit bulls,” rotties and bull mastiffs PASSED This ordinance was passed under the guise of an “emergency,” and is effective immediately. targeting-pit-bulls-rottweilers-and-bull-mastiffs/

ARKANSAS, Jefferson County animals rescued from suspected puppy mill

February 27, 2014

This appears to be another photo op HSUS raid just in time for AR legislation time.

By Katherina Yancy, Reporter – bio | email

From the article:

Major Woods says it is estimated it will cost $100,000 to temporarily house all the animals at local shelters. “The couple will be issued citations, Class A misdemeanor for cruelty to animals. But I am confident in saying that based on the conditions and the animals, those charges will likely be upgraded to aggravated animal cruelty which is a felony.”….

Let’s do the numbers: 100K to “temporarily house” 183 animals, 121 of
them dogs, that’s about $546 per animal. That will buy one heck of a lot of
kibble, grooming and veterinary care! I wonder how quickly the animals will
be fit for “adoption” after they have been transported in the HSUS
Miracle Health Restoration Truck!

ARKANSAS, Monticello passes breed neutral ordinance

January 23, 2014

Its been a long time coming, but Monticello, Arkansas (finally) officially rejected proposed pit bull regulations and passed a breed-neutral ordinance this week!


ARKANSAS, Darndanelle City Council passes bit bull ban

November 6 2013

Dardanelle City Council passes pit bull ban

by Whitney Snipes The Courier Your Messenger For The River Valley

DARDANELLE — The Dardanelle City Council passed an ordinance Monday banning pit bull dogs within city limits.

Prior to the vote, Dardanelle resident Amanda Grayham spoke against the ordinance. She said the breed ban would cause her home insurance to nearly double and put her family in the situation where they may have to find a new home for their pet, a female pit bull.

“I don’t believe my dog is vicious, and I don’t believe she is dangerous,” Grayham said.

Grayham asked the council to table the ordinance to allow for further discussion about a way to approach the issue without punishing existing dog owners who are acting responsibly.

Alderman Bruce McConnell voiced his opposition to the ban.

“I primarily oppose this ordinance because I believe our citizens should have a right to own dogs of their own choosing,” he said. “I believe the ordinance basically says we do not believe our citizens have the ability to control their dogs. And as the city cannot enforce current restrictions regarding the control of pets, I ask you to join me in refusing this ordinance because it goes against some of our basic rights.”

McConnell made a motion to table the matter for further review, but that motion died for lack of a second.

A motion to accept the ordinance passed, with aldermen Kenny George, Scott Moore, Julia Ann Taylor and Kenneth Taylor voting in favor; McConnell voting against; and Linda Thompson abstaining, citing a need for more information.