COLORADO, VMA voices concern about proposed Denver declawing ban

October 27, 2017

COLORADO,  VMA voices concern about proposed Denver declawing ban

A Denver City Council panel advanced a proposal to ban cat declawing, except when medically necessary, over the objections of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. “We support the principle that complex medical decisions belong in the domain of the owner and the veterinarian,” said CVMA President Dr. Will French.

The Denver Post (10/25)

COLORADO, Colorado Springs Top cities to own a dog ValuePenguin compiled a list of the top cities to own a dog based on factors such as the number of veterinarians, groomers and dog sitters, walkability and more. Colorado Springs, Colo., was the top-ranked city to own a dog, while Providence, R.I., came in last of 155 areas examined.

December 19, 2016

Top cities to own a dog

ValuePenguin compiled a list of the top cities to own a dog based on factors such as the number of veterinarians, groomers and dog sitters, walkability and more. Colorado Springs, Colo., was the top-ranked city to own a dog, while Providence, R.I., came in last of 155 areas examined.

COLORADO, 75 dogs seized, no charges filed

December  18, 2015
ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. – Animal Control officers seized 75 dogs from a home
near Strasburg today.
Investigators say the owner, Robert Attleson, was operating a pet animal
facility without a license.

Nick Fisher, program manager of the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s
Consumer Inspection Services, told Denver 7 that Attleson had a license
until March of 2014. He said the state declined to renew it, because the
house where the owner kept the dogs didn’t meet physical facility standards
under PACFA (Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act.) “He didn’t have water
resistant materials,” Fisher said.
Attleson, who told Denver 7 that he was taking care of rescued dogs,
continued the operation.
The state then filed a civil suit.
In September, the Department was awarded a temporary restraining order which
required Attleson to reduce the number of dogs to 15, the limit allowed
without a license.
He was given until mid-October to comply.
When inspectors visited the property shortly afterward, they found the owner
had 96 dogs.
“He had around 25 – 30 dogs in one room,” said Adams County Director of
Public Information Jim Siedlecki.
Fisher said that on December 7, the judge issued a permanent injunction
against the owner, requiring him to reduce the number to 15 or to relinquish
This morning, animal control officers moved in and began loading the dogs
into trucks.
They took them to the Adams County Animal Shelter.
“The animals are in pretty good condition considering that there were 90+
dogs living in one house,” Siedlecki said. “They will go through both a
behavioral and a medical clearance before they’re allowed to be adopted.”
Siedlecki added that many of the dogs are being picked up by volunteers from
other shelters in the metro area and that “most should be available for
adoption within 48 hours.”
When asked if the owner will face criminal charges, Fisher said, “No, there
were no allegations of animal cruelty. It was a civil case that was filed.”
But Fisher added that Attleson could face sanctions from the court for
“He didn’t reduce the number of dogs when he was ordered to,” Fisher said.
Attleson simply said “he was taking care of the dogs and that he wants them
to go to good homes.”
Area shelters are trying to make that happen.
“This operation is another example of the spirit of regional cooperation
between metro area shelters and state PACFA investigators,” said Adams
County Animal Shelter Director Stephanie Wilde. “After our standard
evaluation, healthy and stable dogs will be available for adoption at each
of the participating shelters.”
The agencies below will work together to put these animals up for adoption:

Adams County Animal Shelter
Aurora Animal Shelter
Denver Animal Shelter
Dumb Friends League
Foothills Animal Shelter
Humane Society of Boulder Valley
Larimer Humane Society

The majority of these dogs are Irish, English and Gordon Settlers.

COLORADO, Denver complaint filed with secretary of state regarding HSUS fundraising


September 21, 2015

DENVER – A national dog fight has come to Colorado, or maybe it’s more like a hog fight.
An official complaint was lodged against the Humane Society of the United States with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office in July, alleging the nonprofit giant is running “a deceptive and fraudulent” fundraising campaign.
“Most people think that when they give money to the Humane Society of the United States it’s going to go back to the local humane society and it’s just not the case,” said Will Coggin, director of research with the Center for Consumer Freedom. “They’re not upfront with the public about what their real agenda is.”

Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of HSUS, says the same thing about Coggin and the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom which is run by Richard Berman a Washington, D.C.-based lobbyist who earned his reputation by representing big tobacco, the food and beverage industry and most recently the agricultural industry, including pork producers.
“Basically if you find the most disreputable causes and controversial industries, Berman is their front man,” Pacelle said. “He sets up different front groups because it makes them sound like they have a patina of legitimacy. … There’s a lot of people who don’t like what we do, a lot of people have an ax to grind, I don’t think it’s news for one of those industries to criticize us.”
Both groups have websites dedicated to exposing the “dark secrets” of the other.
Coggin doesn’t shy away from the nonprofit’s connection with Berman. Berman is the Center’s executive director, the nonprofit pays his Berman and Company to manage it. Coggin is also paid by Berman and Company.
The group’s 2013 tax return discloses almost $1.5 million in donations, with $757,379 to Berman and Company for management, advertising and research.
“In terms of our motivation, I think we are pretty up front about that,” Coggin said, acknowledging that the Center for Consumer Freedom is funded by the food and restaurant industry among many other donors.
Most recently, the center has launched ad campaigns going after Chipotle, the fast food chain that made waves for dropping pork products that contained antibiotics and went genetically modified organism free. Coggin said the center also was behind opposition to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to ban big sodas.
The Humane Society’s primary work involves campaigns to end animal cruelty, notably by lobbying for laws that end certain practices in the agricultural industry – like gestation crates for pregnant swine (enter the hog industry). HSUS aired undercover video of pork swine confined to crates, giving them barely enough room to stand up and lie down for their entire lives. A law banning gestation crates was passed in Colorado with HSUS backing.
So is there anything to the Colorado complaint? Continue at site.


COLORADO, Pueblo County plague-carrying fleas prompt warnings for residents

September 6, 2015

COLORADO Denver RTD accused of double standard on ‘issue’ ads

July 19, 2015

July 16, 2015

by Chris Halsne

Updated at 10:17pm, July 16, 2015

DENVER — The operators of Denver’s bus and rail system are now under
fire for “fact-checking” certain free speech and political ads while
leaving others alone.

Before Republicans were allowed to run a political message on the side
of a Denver bus, the Regional Transportation District in Denver asked
for edits, citing its policy on “false, misleading, or deceptive”

When a pair of animal rights groups wanted to run political messages on
the side of Denver buses, RTD again asked for edits, making certain all
the facts checked out. One of the recommendations was so drastic, the
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) walked away without
buying the space….

…President of Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare, Dr. Cheryl Saipe,
says the group wanted a special ad placed on the back of twenty buses
around Christmas 2013.

The banner originally said, “END PUPPY MILLS – SAY NO TO PET SHOPS AND

Records show RTD said no and stamped that version “denied.”

Halsne: “Did you think that your first submission was false or deceptive?”

Dr. Saipe: “No.”

Halsne: “But RTD did?”

Dr. Saipe: “Well they didn’t use the word deception. I think they said
you can’t prove that every pet shop sells only puppy mill dogs.”

Using its editorial control, RTD changed the ad to say no to puppy mill
pet shops and online sellers – believing that was more accurate.

Saipe’s group was happy to add the words, but what was their alternative?

“We wanted an ad to get our message across about ending puppy mills by
not buying dogs from pet stores or from the Internet,” said Dr. Saipe.
“We’re new to this and I was just glad they would run it at all.” …

COLORADO, Glendale homeless man comes to rescue of goose with nail gun injury

June 8, 2015

Homeless man comes to rescue of goose with nail-gun injury At Creekside Park in Glendale, Colo., Don Carson saw a goose he’d befriended with a three-inch nail embedded in its skull. Carson, who was homeless at the time, sought help for the goose, nicknamed Honk. Veterinarian Jesse Apted removed the nail, and Honk recovered and was released at the park. Carson’s situation has since improved, too: He was hired at a bakery and moved into an apartment. KUSA-TV (Denver) (6/7)

COLORADO, Colorado Springs pay the fine or we’ll kill your dog


June 3, 2015

Pay fine or risk your dog’s life?

Pay fine or risk your dog’s life? CNN’s Randi Kaye investigates in Colorado Springs what some are calling a blatant shake-down, not by the police but by animal control officials. View on