Hobby breeding is at stake

Read this VERY CAREFULLY paying attention to the first paragraph. Think it
won’t happen to you, you’d better go back and rethink this again.

While Danielle is in NJ I felt this was necessary to be posted here as whether you have dogs/cats/horses or other companions, this is happening all around the US and you need to be aware of it to protect yourself against this kind of action no matter where you live and this action was directed at a hobby breeder.

`NJ: Hobby breeding is at stake

NJ: Lincoln Park
Re Danielle Weitz, GSD breeder

From Stormy Hope

I’m posting this as an update on Danielle’s court case. Two points to
remember. A fellow Exhibitor, club member, sent an anonymous complaint,
there were NO abuse charges, no neighbor complaints, nothing…, nothing
more than because she had an Website and was listed on an AKC Breeder page,she was charged with running a “business’ on her residential property. The penalty? She has to be checked continually, FOREVER, to make sure she
doesn’t breed a litter.

“Two weeks from today at 10:30 am GSDs will be in the ring at Westminster
but at that very time on that very day we will be in the New Jersey Supreme
Court to appeal our ruling that keeps us from breeding our dogs. In 2008 we
had the number 4 bitch in the Redbook for Futurity points. If this ruling stands it will affect every person in the State of NJ who were to breed their dog and even sell one pup. If it stands in NJ it will surely be picked up by other states and could move across the country quite easily.

We were never charged with cruelty or abuse only because we had a litter of
pups. Anyone not believing it was that simple is welcome to copies of the
transcripts. The President of the NJ Federation of Dog Clubs, an NAIA
representative and the American Rottweiler Assoc., GSD people and people who simply understand this situation have been at every court date with us along with others who understand the implications of this, as well as, those who know we are and are hiding nothing. We’re going into year four of this.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to our legal defense fund to help every
breeder in New Jersey may make it at


Thank you to those who have supported us throughout this and please pray we
get it overturned. Any naysayers, that is to say, people who don’t        understand the importance of this are welcome to contact me. I am sure that
people who have known me for many years will be happy to vouch for us.

New Jersey vs. Dogs


Danielle Weitz, a longtime AKC hobby breeder of champion German Shepherd
Dogs has broken no laws. Yet – she has been convicted of running an
“illegal kennel” because a local judge decided that because she had a breeder
profile on the AKC website, she is a business, not a hobbyist…