KANSAS humane society points as second worst puppy mill offender

May 25, 2015


Humane Society list points to Kansas as second-worst ‘puppy mill’ offender Animal health commissioner: Most licensed breeders accused by HSUS ‘pretty good’

By Samantha Foster

The Humane Society of the United States recently released a report that cites Kansas among the top two states with an alarming number of animal welfare violations by commercial breeders, but the state’s animal health commissioner says such accusations are far-flung.

This year’s “Horrible Hundred” list alleges at least 16 commercial breeders in Kansas — referred to as “puppy mills” by the Humane Society — have violated animal welfare statutes, with animals being found in filthy conditions or in need of veterinary care. Just one state, Missouri, topped that number, with 23 such facilities appearing on the Humane Society’s list.

“Missouri and Kansas continue to have the greatest number of problem dealers for the third year in a row,” the report claims.

Bill Brown, animal health commissioner for the Kansas Department of Agriculture, says his department looks at the list but doesn’t pay much attention to it. The KDA knows most of the licensees listed are “pretty good,” he said, and the Humane Society takes violations recorded during inspections out of context and blows them out of proportion….