KODA (Keep Our Domestic Animals) website to make donations

December 19, 2013

The first step has been taken to protect our rights to own/breed and exhibit our dogs/cats/exotics and other pets of our choice.  It isn’t over, it is just the beginning.  KODA needs donations in order to keep the process moving.  As you all know HSUS is well funded and will not give in not to mention they have their loyal supporters deeply entrenched within USDA/APHIS itself.  Give what you can there is no limit and no donation is too small or too big.  As we get more information I will keep you updated.

Thank you all so much for your enthusiastic support of the efforts to knock down the APHIS regulations that will do so much harm to dog and cat breeders. The lawsuit is filed – the first step – there are many more steps as we march down this road. Here is the link on the KODA website to make donations – either by check or paypal.