NEW MEXICO ranks low for animal welfare

December 19, 2013

If you live in NM I
would suggest that you get organized and be ready to push back on HSUS and ALDF before they get a toe-hold and legislate you out of existence.

Eddy County considering new rules that would add teeth to local animalordinances

By Jonathan Smith
@CCAJonSmith on Twitter

CARLSBAD >> New Mexico finds itself on a dogged list. The state is ranked among the five worst states for animal welfare and protection rights, according to new report released by Animal Legal Defense Fund.

The study is the eighth annual report from the nonprofit organization. Lora Dunn, a spokeswoman for the organization, said New Mexico has consistently ranked around the bottom tier of states.

“We looked at 15 different categories related to animal protection, like penalties for animal cruelty, cost of care for abused animals and veterinarian reports of animal abuse,” she said.

“There’s a few areas that the New Mexico needs to improve in,” she added. “We encourage New Mexico to look at those categories and make thechanges.”…..