TEXAS, Bryan College Station, rehoming your pet animal welfare advocates say do your research

January 7, 2015



Posted: Wednesday, January 07, 2015 18:26
Updated: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

By: Tashara Parker

COLLEGE STATION – For most, dogs become part of your family.

But, making the choice to give them away can be a heartbreaking decision.

Locally, there are shelters prepared to take your pet, but sometimes dogs are given away to complete strangers.

Judy LeUnes, a local animal welfare advocate says you should do your research before re-homing your furry friend.

“Over the holidays, I noticed so many people were contacting me about rehoming animals,” LeUnes said.

But, sometimes you can’t always keep your best friend.

Judy has five dogs and one cat, but knows the love she has for her animals isn’t for everyone.

“It’s our responsibility when we buy or we adopt an animal to realize that’s our animal for a lifetime,” Judy added.

She says re-homing pets or simply giving them away to strangers without any research on their background has become a highly discussed issue in Brazos County. ….

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