TEXAS puppies in need, no legal protection for animals before they make it to your home

December 30, 2014

Typical HSUS propaganda, right before the 2015 TX lege comes into session.


People selling pets don’t want others to know about the dark side of the animal business.

A NEWSCHANNEL 5 investigation exposes what many pets go through. But we also discovered there are almost no laws protecting them.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) took undercover video of what they call a puppy mill. The technical term is “substandard breeder.”

The video showed dogs packed in rusty wire cages, covered in their own feces, with almost no food or water. Breeders can crank out hundreds – sometimes thousands – of puppies a year.

They’re the same puppies you buy at the pet store.

McAllen Petland owner Cesar Cepeda says his animals come from only the best breeders.

“They’re mom-and-pop operations, where you can see the pictures of grandkids sleeping on top of the dog,” he tells us.

The HSUS tells a different story. The organization says many of the puppies sold at some Petlands come from puppy mills. They tracked the sale of nearly 17,000 puppies over eight months….