TEXAS, San Antonio, Maybe the Hare Set Him Up

January 12, 2017



“SAN ANTONIO – A 150-pound pet tortoise is being  blamed for a fire that caused heavy damage to the home of a  neighbor on the city’s far Northwest Side. The fire  broke out shortly after midnight Tuesday…Firefighters  said it appears the tortoise knocked over a heat lamp inside  its outdoor cage and started a fire that spread to the home  next door.  The fire then spread moving into the walls  and attic by the time firefighters were able to extinguish  it. They said the fire also caused minimal damage to the pet  owner’s home. The damage was estimated at $150,000.

They said no one was hurt, including the tortoise.”

TEXAS, Houston-City canine boarding being sued in deaths of dogs boarded

October 5, 2016

TEXAS, Houston-City canine boarding being sued in deaths of dogs boarded

City canine boarding in Houston just got socked with over $300,000 in
damages on loss of German shepherd Luxor in their care. Second lawsuit deals
with dog injured in their care. See khou.com for TV spots. Lawsuit claims
dogs are being warehoused in small crates at this boarding facility. Claims
made are from same attorney (Zandra Anderson)that defended conditions at
Spindletop rescue in Willis,TX where 300 pit bulls seized in 2012 are clean
and those dogs not mistreated. T

TEXAS, San Antonio area.More fleas on pets this year

August 3, 2016

More fleas on pets this year

San Antonio-area veterinarian Lori Stephens says she’s seeing more pets with fleas than in recent years, including pets treated with preventatives. Dr. Stephens explained that fleas may cause allergies, painful skin problems and hair loss in pets.

TEXAS, Conroe catch a tiger

April 25, 2016

News Channel 9: “It’s not unusual to see a cat roaming the neighborhood now and then, but this particular cat caused quite a scene. ‘I see something run into the bushes, it was really big, and Jonathan hopped out of the car was like ‘I’m gonna go catch it,’ said Erin Poole. ‘I see the collar and leash. I just walked up to it, and it ran up to me and started kissing me in the face and licking me,’ said Jonathan Gessner. Gessner and Poole said they couldn’t believe their eyes or their luck, not only finding a tiger roaming the streets, but a friendly one. But now Conroe, Texas police would like a friendly word with the tiger’s owner.”

Zika virus, melioidosis raise concerns

January 12, 2016

Zika virus, melioidosis raise concerns
A Texas resident who visited Latin America has been diagnosed with Zika virus, the first US case of the emerging mosquito-borne virus that may cause birth defects. The virus is raising concerns in the public health community, as is melioidosis, a bacterial illness that is often resistant to treatment. The soil bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei causes illness and can be transmitted from Northern Australia and Southeast Asia, where it’s endemic, to new areas via animal carriers. Researchers should prioritize studies on Zika virus and meliodosis, experts say. The Telegraph (London) (tiered subscription model) (1/11), Reuters (1/11)

TEXAS, Hamilton kills all dogs in shelter

December 12, 2015



City of Hamilton, Texas kills all dogs in shelter; say it …

The city of Hamilton, Texas, is killing dogs with kindness. Literally. All the dogs in the shelter were killed because it was “cruel” to keep them alive.

Lire la suite…<http://www.examiner.com/article/city-of-hamilton-texas-kills-all-dogs-shelter-say-it-s-cruel-to-keep-them>